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Your Optometrist in Kiln, Mississippi

Who knew that the best eyecare in Mississippi would be right in your back yard? Well, it’s true for the residents of Kiln, Mississippi! Dr. Kraig Stasney and his team at Advanced Eye Care LLC are among the eye care team in the Kiln area for all your eye care needs. We are able to help you with anything you need, including comprehensive eye exams for children and adults, treatment for computer vision syndrome and contact lenses.

Meet Our Eye Care Expert Near Kiln, MS

Our incredible and friendly staff is led by Dr. Stasney, a remarkable optometrist with a talent for making his patients feel at ease. Dr. Stasney is a graduate of Southern College of Optometry, where he received his Doctor of Optometry in 1995. While there, he was awarded membership in the National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society and made the Dean’s List. Dr. Stasney loves to tell about the time he diagnosed a patient’s brain tumor through a comprehensive eye exam, ultimately saving his patient’s life.

Eye Care and Eye Exams in Kiln, Mississippi

Regular comprehensive eye exams at our optometry practice near Kiln, MS are important for adults, in
order to rule out development of harmful, and unfortunately common, eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. These two condition can be especially worrisome because of their tendency to AirOptixdevelop with little or no noticeable symptoms. These conditions, therefore, often steal a person’s vision before he/she ever knows there is a problem. Regular comprehensive eye exams with Dr. Stasney can go a long way toward detecting these and other conditions before they do significant damage.

Pediatric Eye Exams & Vision Related Learning Problems

Keeping up with regular eye exams is extremely important for your child’s general academic development. Not having the proper ability to see can put your child at a significant disadvantage in learning. An inability to see math problems or spelling demonstrated at the front of class, double vision and other disadvantages can harm your child’s ability learn mathematics, reading and writing. Such difficulty, especially over a long period of time, may seriously discourage a child from learning, and such discouragement may continue subconsciously even after vision is corrected. Early detection of childhood eye conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia is also extremely important. These conditions worsen if they are not treated during early childhood, and children may eventually lose the use of one of his/her eyes without proper and timely treatment.

Dr. Stasney is also here to serve the Kiln community by helping relieve symptoms of a modern day epidemic known as computer vision syndrome. More and more time is spent these days looking at the lighted screen of a computer or other electronic device, and this has brought on the rise of this increasingly common condition. Symptoms include headache and eyestrain. Dr. Stasney will advise you on the best methods for remedying your computer vision issues. He may also be able to prescribe special computer vision glasses for you to use while on the computer.

Designer Frames, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Near Kiln, MS

Advanced Eye Care LLC also offers the top selection in the Kiln, Mississippi area of premium contact lenses. From colored contacts to contacts for presbyopia and dry eye syndrome, daily disposables to monthly wear contacts and many more, Dr. Stasney and his team are here to help you find the right pair of contact lenses for you.

To experience the best eye care professionals in the Kiln area, come see us at Advanced Eye Care LLC today!